Decision Making Coaching

Becoming an effective and efficient decision maker can add comfort and a sense of certainty to our lives. We can all remember decisions we made that 'in hind sight' we could have asked more questions about to make an informed decision. So I became interested in what helps people become better decision makers.

The Decision Style metaprogram says that people have preferred choice styles which act as filters that influence our selections of a huge number of life issues.  I utilize Neurolinguistic Programming strategies to help you identify what your strategies are and from there increase your criteria. For example, when buying a home most people consider what they feel about the house, the cost and how much to maintain it and fix it through time, or the information about the house (year built, age of roof, age of plumbing and electrical wiring, etc.), who the neighbors are (they actually go around meeting the future neighbors or ask about them), they look at area maps for geographical issues, clubs and things to do nearby, but seldom do people do all these things together. That is because most of us get by with two or three of six decision making criteria. 

 When we work together I will further illustrate and speak on how these styles can be recognized in the narratives that people create about their lives, and in our own life. 

I am certified to facilitate this program internationally by Taquion, which is affiliated with the Latin American NLP Network (Neurolinguistic Network). My fee is $275 an hour. Please contact me through the 'contact me' feature in this website for an enjoyable discovery about yourself which will continue to benefit you for the rest of your life.