Problem Solving through Spiritual Images

As a psychologist I am trained to administer personality testing, testing to assess for mood disorders, and cognitive testing as well. But what people want, most of the times, is to figure out how to solve the problems they are experiencing. When they have tried different ways and have been unsuccessful they experience frustration, even anxiety, and sometimes despair and a sense of inefficacy.

You are curious about how Problem Solving Through Spiritual Images could work to help with that? Well, sometimes you just need someone to help you figure things out. You have thought about how to solve a situation, or how to make something work, but find yourself at a crossroad or that it is hard to make the decision to move forward.

Your unconscious mind has the answers and I can help you find them.

The method is simple and supported by time honored techniques: projecting onto images what we cannot say in words about ourselves.

The process is also simple: you will be looking at six to ten images that are spiritual in nature, one at a time, and responding to a few questions such as what is happening in the image, what happened before that moment, and what will happen in the future. Because most of the images have people in them, I will also be asking you what are the people thinking, feeling, and doing. After your do this, we will discuss your responses. It is that simple!

My job as a psychologist will be to support you in interpreting what your unconscious already knows: what are the next steps in that journey you are wanting to take.

This process takes one hour to go through the images and about half an hour to discuss your responses. My fee for one and a half hour is $265; and $45 for every 15 minutes  (or lesser fraction) after that. It has never been necessary to go over the initial one and a half hour or to have another session after that initial session.

I prefer to work face to face, but I also work via Skype or other electronic chatting service. To do so, I will send you the link to the images once I receive an email from you. At the same time that we arrange for our electronic conversation, we will finalize payment in advance. At out virtual meeting you will need to be able to view the contents of the link online while chatting with me electronically at the same time.

The method we will be using derived from the dissertation I wrote, which you can find online, free of charge, at this link

Springer Journal on Religion and Health also published an article I wrote on this. You can purchase the article from Springer at this link

Call me at 805-667-0955 or email me at [email protected] to set up a time to meet virtually or in person.

Elisa A. Gottheil, PhD

Psychologist in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California